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Please note this repo is full of bugs and is largely incomplete.

I decided to go closed source for the time being, but this is a nice starting point for anyone wanting to make their own WebHUD.

This is the HUD created for KotN 2018 (unfortunately not used), but potentially your next CSGO event.

Original design by osztenkurden, base code by Double0negative, HUD logic and updated design by yours truly.


  • Clone the repo
  • Install Node.JS (NPM is included)
  • Copy the file named gamestate_integration_hud.cfg in your csgo cfg folder (steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cfg/)
  • open CMD, type: cd \where\you\extracted\the\zip\CSGO-HUD-master
  • in CMD: npm install
  • in CMD: node server.js
  • You should then be able to connect in a web browser by going to http://localhost:2626. Start up your game and connect to a match and data should begin streaming


  • Add a new browser source
  • Use the URL http://localhost:2626
  • Set the resolution to your base resolution
  • Et voilà