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Automagically download analytics.js, keep it updated using WordPress' built-in Cron-schedule, generate the tracking code, add it to your site's header or footer and tons of other features!
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CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally

Automagically download and update analytics.js/ga.js/gtag.js, bypass Ad Blockers with Stealth Mode, add the tracking code to your site's footer and tons of other features!


CAOS (Complete Analytics Optimization Suite) for Google Analytics allows you to host analytics.js/gtag.js/ga.js locally and keep it updated using WordPress' built-in Cron-schedule. Fully automatic!

Whenever you run an analysis of your website on Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom or GTMetrix, it'll tell you to leverage browser cache when you're using Google Analytics. Because Google has set the cache expiry time to 2 hours. This plugin will get you a higher score on Pagespeed and Pingdom and make your website load faster, because the user's browser doesn't have to make a roundtrip to download the file from Google's external server.

Just install the plugin, enter your Tracking-ID and the plugin adds the necessary Tracking Code for Google Analytics to the header (or footer) of your theme, downloads and saves the analytics.js/ga.js/gtag.js-file to your website's server and keeps it updated (automagically) using a scheduled script in wp_cron(). CAOS is a set and forget plugin.

Please keep in mind that, although I try to make the configuration of this plugin as easy as possible, the concept of locally hosting a file or optimizing Google Analytics for Pagespeed Insights or GT Metrix has proven to be confusing for some people. If you're not sure of what your doing, please consult a SEO expert or Webdeveloper to help you with the configuration and optimization of your WordPress blog. Or feel free to contact me for a quote.

For more information: How to setup CAOS.


  • Host analytics.js, ga.js or gtag.js locally (What's the difference?),
  • Endlessly extensible using the integrated filters and available mini plugins! E.g. integrate Google Optimize, track Google Adwords conversions and much, much more!
  • When using gtag.js, the underlying request to analytics.js is also hosted locally!
  • Bypass Ad Blockers in Stealth Mode: Sneak past Security and protect your Google Analytics data,
    • In Stealth Mode, requests to linkid.js and ec.js are also hosted locally,
  • Preconnect to and CDN URL (if set) to reduce latency and speed up requests,
  • Capture outbound links,
  • Allow tracking always or only when a certain cookie exists or has a value -- Read more about GDPR Compliance,
  • Add tracking code to header, footer or manually,
  • Load the tracking snippet Asynchronous or Default (Synchronous)
  • Fully compatible with Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WP by MonsterInsights, WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WP by Analytify and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics,
  • Save analytics.js/ga.js/gtag.js anywhere within the WordPress content (wp-content) directory to avoid detection by WordPress security plugins (such as WordFence) or removal by caching plugins (such as WP Super Cache),
  • Serve analytics.js/ga.js/gtag.js from your CDN,
  • Set Cookie Expiry Period,
  • Set Adjusted Bounce Rate,
  • Change enqueue order (prioritize order of loaded scripts),
  • Force disabling display features functionalities,
  • Anonymize IP addresses,
  • Track logged in Administrators,
  • Remove script from wp-cron, so you can add it manually to your Crontab,
  • Manually update analytics.js/ga.js/gtag.js with the click of a button!


Using GIT

  1. From your terminal, cd to your plugins directory (usually wp-content/plugins)
  2. Run the following command: git clone host-analyticsjs-locally

From the WordPress Repository

  1. From your WordPress administrator area, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for 'Daan van den Bergh'
  3. Click the 'Install' button next to CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally
  4. Click 'Activate'

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the FAQ at


For Support Queries, checkout the Support Forum at


Visit the Changelog at

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