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This website is an attempt to recreate a MIDI controller using the keyboard. Basically, an online launchpad, similar in function to that of Novation's Launchpad.


  • Uses Howler JS audio library for quick and easy audio playing across multiple browsers:

  • Uses the Zip.js library to parse .zip files:

  • First of the Year Eqninox by Skrillex sounds, obtained from Nev's project file:

  • Editor Capable of recording and playing back keyboard inputs at varying playback speeds

  • Able to load and save songs to a database, only available to those who have registered an account which can only be done from the console

  • mySql test database and Postgres production database

  • Hosted on Heroku with free hobby plan

  • Front-end written in complete JS with Ruby on Rails for the back-end, a few ajax requests to backend for information


  • Downloadable offline version, probably zipped JS, CSS, HTML, and audio files, will have to get rid of server calls

  • Finish editor tools and put recorded parts of songs on main page