Swift autocorrect / autocompletion in Sublime Text using SourceKitten
Python Swift Shell



This project is an attempt at adding Swift autocomplete into Sublime Text 3, using SourceKitten.

While it doesn't read Xcode project files, it currently works pretty well for me on my projects. The source of SourceKittenSubl is simple so hopefully it should be easy to contribute to. I'm open for discussion on the repository issues.




  • Install SourceKitten (brew install sourcekitten)
  • Clone this repository to the Sublime packages directory

## Usage

  • Open your project top-most directory in Sublime (e.g. cd ~/projects/MyProject && subl .)

For developers

  • Run the test runner: ./run_tests

These are the main componenets of the plugin:

  • subl.py: this file is entry point to the plugin from Sublime - on_query_completions is an event handler method provided by Sublime Text's API, so Sublime Text will call the method when attempting to autocomplete.
  • subl_source_kitten.py is purely to convert output from SourceKitten into a format that can be output in Sublime Text.
  • source_kitten.py communicates with the sourcekitten - exactly in the same way as you would from a bash shell. Parses the output from JSON into Python objects.
  • swift_project.py deals with the "project" (i.e. which source files should be passed in to SourceKitten)