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This repository is for drafting the policy agenda for the forthcoming novel, working title 2063, by @DanAncona. The novel is mainly about the lives of three women who are working on personal, organization and cultural systemic change in California in the near future. It's not mainly about policy: it's mostly a story about the challenges they face.

But it does have a little policy in it, and enough people have been talking about creating policy with version control, so let's give it a try. What better place to practice than with fictional (for now!) policy. I tried to write the book so that whatever gets proposed here is more or less orthogonal to the storyline, so there are really no limits on what can be proposed here.

Right now all that's here is this readme, the summary file (which really is enough for the book) and a file for collecting all the details. I would love to see this become more detailed over time, so if you'd like to add a file with ideas, details or notes on any specific topic, please do so.

Initial ideas here are based on contributions from myself, Isaiah J. Poole, Anat Shenker-Osorio and Ryan Clayton. If you'd like to contribute and you're familiar with github, I look forward to your pull requests! If you'd like to contribute and aren't familiar with github, the documentation on the site is terribly helpful. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at


Real life organizations (and a few companies) doing the actual work building this agenda: - Reflective Democracy & &

Education Groups Oakland Focused


The policy agenda for the forthcoming novel, 2063 (working title)






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