Atomic OS: A self-contained microsystem & JavaScript RIA/SPA library.
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(C)2005-2011 Scott Elcomb

Some Rights Reserved


Atomic OS is licensed under the LGPLv3 license. For details, please see the LICENSE file.


Atomic OS is a "live" OS-like environment and SPA library/template for web app development.

At it's core, Atomic OS aims to provide to web developers features that desktop dev's take for granted: basic operating system features like a command interpreter and filesystem.

Included in Atomic OS is a simple scriptable command shell and basic desktop environment, giving developers absolute runtime access to their RIA & SPA applications.

Atomic OS hopes to help ameliorate dependence on the cloud by allowing app data to be stored within the microsystem itself, using a storage strategy established by TiddlyWiki.

Because Atomic OS is simply an html file, it is instantly a template, infinitely reusable and extremely easy to distribute.