Refreshing REST/Webdav for node
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Refresh REST/Webdav for node

This project will be a module that exposes ANY data source as HTTP. The goals are as follows:

  • Implement GET/PUT/POST/DELETE as typically done in web apps
  • Implement enough of WebDav to enable mounting read/write in Finder
  • Further implement WebDav for other clients as time allows and need arises.

The main goal is to make a simple resource provider for web-apps and other http clients. This will work with, but not be tied to node-persistence

RESTful Web Service HTTP methods

Collection URI, such as List the members of the collection, complete with their member URIs for further navigation. For example, list all the cars for sale. Meaning defined as "replace the entire collection with another collection". Create a new entry in the collection where the ID is assigned automatically by the collection. The ID created is usually included as part of the data returned by this operation. Meaning defined as "delete the entire collection".
Element URI, such as Retrieve a representation of the addressed member of the collection expressed in an appropriate MIME type Update the addressed member of the collection or create it with the specified ID. Treats the addressed member as a collection in its own right and creates a new subordinate of it. Delete the addressed member of the collection.

WebDav Notes

WebDav clients aren't good about following the spec, here are some notes.