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Hobo Test

Flexible test framework that can be added into any existing project (tested w/ GM Studio 1)


Grab the latest .gmez from Releases or download the source and build yourself. Drag the .gmez into your IDE and import all resources (double click on extension, click on Import, Select All and click OK).

Confirm that you have a TEST object, test_list script, and hobo_dll is added to Included Files.

Now you can start adding tests to your project.

How it works

To get started I recommend you write tests that will be run when the first room is initialized (add TEST object to first room.) but nothing is preventing you from dynamically instantiating the TEST object to run during specific sections of gameplay.

With a TEST object inserted into a room you can add assertions to the test_list script and they will be triggered on the next game run.

Tests will be run in order they appear in the script to allow for the following

do_thing("keypress", ord("I"));
do_thing("keypress", vk_escape);
it("should set user overlay flag to false", false, obj_player.draw_inventory_overlay);

Basic Assertions

it(description, expected, result)

Passes if expected == result

it("should set draw_map flag to false on create", false, draw_map);

instance_of(object_type, object_id)

Passes if object_id is of object_type or has a parent object_type

instance_of(obj_tile, ds_stack_pop(graph));


Passes if instance_of(object)


should_be(expected, object, instance_variable_name)

Will dynamically lookup the instance_variable on the object (used in cases where variables are updated by events)

// either it OR should_be would work IF #on_create inventory_slot_count=1
it("should be 1", 1, obj_character.inventory_slot_count);
should_be(1, obj_character, "inventory_slot_count");
do_thing("keypress", vk_enter); // picking up an item
should_be(2, obj_character, "inventory_slot_count");

Simulating Gameplay

Hobo Test has some built-in helper functions to help basic gameplay using basic commands


Simulates a key press and release

// vk_* AND ord(char) work

simulate_mouse_click(mouse_button, x_pos, y_pos)

// mb_left | mb_right | mb_middle
simulate_mouse_click(mb_left, 10, 10);

Building Yourself

First make sure you have 7zip installed and added to your PATH. You should be able to open Powershell and have the 7z command return usage info.

Double-click / run clean_make.bat and it should create a working hobo_test.gmez from the local files for you to use


The .gmx file may have a warning about editting it manually but.. dont worry its not that complicated. It's just XML so feel free to edit at will. Just know the compiler needs this info when it uses the gmez

Add more info here to help folks get started with gmx / GML basics