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Responsive React Navbar


Why this?

Collapsable navbar templates such as Bootstrap exist but often include a lot of extra stuff that you have to remove if you just want something simpler. This is that something simpler. I wanted to build something extremely simple and easy to modify so that it can be used in anything that just requires a simple navbar that collapses for a mobile screen.

With the following features:

  • Responsive, simple navbar template
  • Collapsable for mobile breakpoints
  • Instructions in comments on how to modify & customize
  • Easy to add navbar component & Sass into any React project

Built using:

  • Webpack
  • React, ReactDOM
  • Sass
  • Normalize.css
  • Font Awesome for "hamburger" icon

Version 2.0.0

Built with React and ReactDOM versions 16.8.6. Uses updated React v16 syntax and a lot less code than the previous iteration of this navbar.

View a live version of the project here or for a working CodePen here. For an HTML/CSS only version, click here.

Version 1.0.0

Built with early versions of React and ReactDOM (15.0.1)

Check out a live version here or for a working CodePen here. To access the final build of this verion on GitHub you can click here.


Simple mobile-friendly responsive navbar built with React



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