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Dan Buda's Gulp Framework


A simple Gulp framework with a development server and production script for front-end projects using HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript.


  • Browser "reset" using normalize.css
  • Production build with minified HTML, CSS, JavaScript (using Babel 8) and images
  • Automatically add browser prefixes with postcss and autoprefixer (default set to last 2 versions)
  • Local development server with hot reloading using browser-sync

How to Use

  • Git clone or fork the repository
  • npm install or npm i to install dependencies
  • gulp serve to launch development server with hot reloading at localhost:8080
  • gulp build to run the production task
  • Do all of your work in the src directory and build production files to the dist directory

Version Information


  • Add support for CSS Nesting
  • Replace purifycss with purgecss
  • Remove unnecessary normalize task from gulpfile.js


  • Minor dependency updates
  • Comment clean up


  • Changed all packages used in gulpfile.js from require() to ESM import syntax
  • Cleaned up gulpfile.js comments and reordered code
  • Removed separate postcss.config.js file and add that information to gulpfile.js
  • Removed Sass in favor of pure CSS
  • Updated all npm packages to latest versions
  • Removed Google Analytics template language in index.html


  • Updated all dependencies to most current versions as of June 5, 2023
  • Replaced deprecated packages and babel-eslint


  • Added configurations for ESLint, Stylelint, Prettier
  • Several semver breaking updates to dependencies
  • Minor tweaks to gulpfile.js due to linting


  • gulp v4.0.1
  • normalize.css v8.0.1
  • browser-sync v2.26.5 for development server with hot reloading
  • HTML minification with gulp-htmlmin v5.0.1
  • CSS minification and prefixing with autoprefixer v9.5.1 & gulp-postcss v8.0.0
  • Removal of dead/unused CSS with gulp-purifycss v0.2.0
  • JavaScript minification with Babel 7 (@babel/core v7.4.3, gulp-babel v7.4.3) & gulp-uglify v3.0.2
  • Image minification with gulp-imagemin v5.0.3
  • Remove comments in production files with gulp-strip-comments v2.5.2


Link to the last version using Gulp v3 can be found here.

  • gulp v3.9.1
  • normalize.css v8.0.0
  • Compile .scss to CSS with gulp-sass v4.0.1, add browser prefixes with gulp-postcss v7.0.5 and autoprefixer v9.1.5 plugin, and minify with gulp-clean-css v3.10.0
  • Compile JavaScript with Babel 7 (gulp-babel v8.0.0, @babel/core v7.1.2, @babel/preset-env v7.1.0) and minifiy with gulp-uglify v3.0.1
  • Minified images with gulp-imagemin v4.1.0
  • browser-sync v2.26.0 for local server and hot reloading of changed files; bypass unchanged files with gulp-changed v3.2.0


Front-end Gulp framework for somewhat simple compiling/bundling projects






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