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Home Finder Lite

Why This Project

I have been involved in real estate in different capacities for over 10 years, and during the 4+ years of that time span I have acted in the capcacity of a Realtor, and the 7 years I have spent as a real estate investor, I have been increasingly disappointed by the lack of innovation in real estate technology. While this project is in no way going to reshape the MLS, I hope that it shows that, at least in a relatively simple way with limited functionality, that the digital tools for a Realtor, both in a digital marketing capacity as well as when listing properties for sale or rent, can be simple, useful and powerful. It should also serve as an easy way for a small-scale investor such as myself to have a place to store and advertise the properties I have for rent or sale.

Scope of Project

Current Version

  • Home Page includes ability for anyone to view Listings & Rentals (with varying levels of detail), and search for a Real Estate Agent
  • Home Page allows a visitor to register for a Real Estate Agent account or login to an existing account
  • Once logged in (or registered for the first time) user is sent to Dashboard with the options of creating, editing, or deleting listings or rentals
  • Login/Logout authentication
  • Any user can see all current listings & rentals and contact the listing agent, view more details about the property, and view any photos associated with listing
  • Mobile-first, fully responsive design
  • Handling of photo upload/storage/deletion is done thru FileStack
  • Features made-from-scratch responsive, mobile-friendly navbar with drop-down menu for smaller screens (much simpler stand-alone example found here)
  • Grid system for layout is also "home made" without using any external grid systems such as Bootstrap (simple example found here)

Future Ideas

  • Additional information about Real Estate Agent including broker info, social media accounts & links, required industry disclosures
  • Ability to download an application for a rental listing
  • Additional tools for visitors including mortgage calculator, information on local schools, neighborhoods, crime statistics
  • Ability for Real Estate Agent to allow visitors to sign up for an email newsletter (using MailChimp)
  • Ability for Real Estate Agent to create and maintain a blog
  • Embedded social media posts on Agent info page
  • Client tesimonials to populate on Agent info page
  • Online application forms for rental listings that are emailed to the listing agent
  • Ability to filter listing search results based on search criteria




Libraries & APIs

Current Version

  • FileStack for photo storage and linking to app
  • Perk framework including Knex, React, Backbone, Underscore, Gulp
  • PostgreSQL & Express

Potential Future APIs

  • Neighborhood information, housing market data, crime statistics, school info, property location

Additional Project Information/Links

Contact Dan


Project app to display agents & homes for sale mostly built on React & Node.js



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