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Texas Legislature session countdown clock and calendar
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Texas Legislature Session Countdown Clock and Calendar

This project was done for several professional and personal reasons. Professionally, as a staffer in the Texas Legislature, I wanted to have a quick reference to all of the deadlines during a legislative session, as well as a reminder of when session is about to rear its ugly head and how much time before it's all over.

Personally, this was a great project to practice using design tools such as use of white space, flexbox and CSS grid, CSS transitions and gradients. It also gave me a chance to (quite heavily) use the date-fns library to help with all of the date-time calculations needed to make this all work.

Built With

  • Custom Gulp framework of my own making
  • date-fns JavaScript library for date & time calculations
  • Sass (SCSS)
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Custom JavaScript workaround for issues with :hover on mobile devices
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