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Pokétron lets you quickly and easily view information about your Pokémon GO account so that you can make better decisions about which monsters to transfer and which to evolve, calculate how many evolutions you can perform, view detailed player information and more.


  • IV Checker: View detailed IVs (Attack, Defense, Stamina) and overall IV percent.
  • Moveset Comparison: Compare your monster's moveset with all possible combinations.
  • Level: See a monster's exact level.
  • Evolutions: Pokétron tells you how many of each species you can evolve, or how many more monsters you need to catch in order to perform an evolution.
  • Hide Species: Click on a monster's avatar to hide the species.
  • Save & Load: Save inventory files to your computer to archive or view later.


Monster Detail

Monster Detail

Monster Card Explanation
Moveset Legend
  • The top move is the quick move; the bottom move is the charge move.
  • The names listed are the names of the moves the monster actually has.
  • The numbers represent the DPS of all possible moves.
  • Underlined moves have a STAB (same type attack bonus).
  • Bold moves are the moves the monster actually has.

The red bar beneath the IV, CP and level represents the monster's HP out of its maximum. The pictured monster has 100% HP.

Monster View


Hidden Monsters

Hidden Monsters

Species View




Home (Player Details)



Download and extract the correct tar.gz file from the releases page.

  • win is for Windows operating systems
  • nix is for Linux/Unix operating systems
  • OS X is not currently supported because I do not have an OS X system on which to test it out. If you're a developer with an OS X system and would like to help, I would love that!

You can run the application by executing the Poketron binary (Poketron.exe if you're on Windows).


This guide assumes that you have Node.js and npm, gulp and bower globally installed on your computer. If you need help setting that up, I suggest that you follow this guide. You can skip to the gulp section after executing this command in the bower section: npm install -g bower. In the gulp section, you only need to execute one command: npm install --global gulp. If you're still having trouble getting things working, try setting the NODE_PATH environment variable to: %AppData%\npm\node_modules.

Build Guide

After cloning this repository, run the following command from a terminal to install dependencies:

$: npm install
$: bower install

To run the app from source:

$: gulp run

To run using minified Javascript:

$: gulp run-build

To build a release:

$: gulp release


  • Problems Logging In with Google


This project was inspired by my contributions to Eric Carlton's PokemonGoReader project, and I echo all of Eric's acknowledgements.

In order to build the skeleton of this application (an Electron application with AngularJS), I followed two excellent tutorials:


Contributions are welcome! Please note that this project is read-only by design. Any contribution that intends to perform write operations will be rejected as out of scope. Before making a contribution, please check out the issues page. If the contribution you're thinking about making is already in discussion, let me know what you think! If not, please file an issue and consider forking this project in order to create a pull request.


This project is made freely-available by way of the MIT License.