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C++ target for ANTLR 4

This folder contains the C++ runtime support for ANTLR. See the canonical antlr4 repository for in depth detail about how to use ANTLR 4.

Authors and major contributors

ANTLR 4 is the result of substantial effort of the following people:

The C++ target has been the work of the following people:

Other contributors

Project Status

  • Building on OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • No errors and warnings
  • Library linking
  • Some unit tests in the OSX project, for important base classes with almost 100% code coverage.
  • All memory allocations checked
  • Simple command line demo application working on all supported platforms.
  • All runtime tests pass.

Build + Usage Notes

The minimum C++ version to compile the ANTLR C++ runtime with is C++11. The supplied projects can built the runtime either as static or dynamic library, as both 32bit and 64bit arch. The OSX project contains a target for iOS and can also be built using cmake (instead of XCode).

Include the antlr4-runtime.h umbrella header in your target application to get everything needed to use the library.

If you are compiling with cmake, the minimum version required is cmake 2.8.

Compiling on Windows

Simply open the VS solution (VS 2013+) and build it.

Compiling on OSX

Either open the included XCode project and build that or use the cmake compilation as described for linux.

Compiling on Linux

  • cd /runtime/Cpp (this is where this readme is located)
  • mkdir build && mkdir run && cd build
  • cmake .. -DANTLR_JAR_LOCATION=full/path/to/antlr4-4.5.4-SNAPSHOT.jar -DWITH_DEMO=True
  • make
  • DESTDIR=/runtime/Cpp/run make install

If you don't want to build the demo then simply run cmake without parameters. There is another cmake script available in the subfolder cmake/ for those who prefer the superbuild cmake pattern.