A hardware internet radio for Google Play Music.
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Internet radio which streams music form a Google Play library using a Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


Allows browsing and playing tracks from a Google Play music library on a hardware internet radio, browsing library is done through a Artist>Album>Track menu structure (or a Playlist>Track structure in the case of playlists).

The radio is intended to be used with Last.fm to report the currently playing track, scrobble listened tracks and to love tracks at the request of the user.

A basic user interface of 6 buttons, two rotary encoders with push in switches and a 4 row, 20 column LCD is used, although it is possible to use various sizes of LCD based on specific user requirements enclosure designs.

Note that this radio is designed to work with a personal library only, personally I don't use the All Access service so have no need to support it, but feel free to add this functionality, the Google Music API does support All Access radio.


Libraries required for Arduino and Raspberry Pi are listed in the respective folders.

Build Instructions

A complete guide to building a radio is available here on Instructbles.

A demo of the final project is available here.