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8bit Battlegrounds!

Face off against your favorite 8-bit characters!


Life has been hard for our 8-bit favorites. Kids no longer exhaust hours attempting to get them through amazing adventures, and they are craving some action. They decided to turn this desire into a battle arena and face off against each other!


Your objective is to defeat all opponents.

Characters have a ready-bar that lets the player know who is ready to attack. To attack, either hit the 'A' key on your keyboard, or mouse-click the word 'ATTACK' on the battle-screen. If you tap 'A' again right before you hit your opponent, you may administer a critical attack!

Players can also defend against attacks by hitting the 'D' key or mouse-click the word 'DEFEND' right before your opponent attacks you!

Good luck!!

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Selection Screen Animations
Cezkid -
Game Font
Joiro Hatgaya -
Game Sounds
KillKhan -
OwlStorm -

Free Battlebacks

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