Slides and Examples from my SauceLabs talk at LookoutHQ on 12/11/2014
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Slides and Examples from my SauceLabs talk at LookoutHQ on 12/11/2014

#Pip / VirtualEnv / DDT Fresh Install:

##Install sudo easy_install pip

sudo pip install virtualenv

##Create Environment

virtualenv env

ls env


which python (returns global python binary)

##Alias The Environment

source env/bin/activate

which python (returns virtualenv python binary)

which pip

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

##List of Example Files

  • -- An example of how a generator iterates through yield producing results but does not store anything in memory.
  • -- An example of the old way of asserting a test one-by-one.
  • -- An example of the same test but asserting it with multiple variables.
  • -- An example to show that you can run the test with a * or without in order to create a generator that will multiply our test cases.
  • -- data/ -- An example showing how we can keep our data in a seperate file and create a function that we can re-use with every test.
  • -- data/ -- pages/ this should be a CSS map, I'll be changing this soon --- A close to real-world example of how we can use a test to call to a class that stores information to manipulate our data. We split our tests into multiple suites and provide any information we need to input in the data file as well.

##Thanks To