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KubeMonitor is a macOS app that displays information about your active Kubernetes cluster in your menu bar
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About KubeMonitor

KubeMonitor is a macOS app that displays information about your active Kubernetes cluster in your menu bar. Internally, it polls the kubectl command to gather information about running pods and nodes, and displays it in a more user-friendly way

KubeMonitor Screenshot


  • Display a list of pods
    • pods can be grouped by a label, to make organization easier
    • pods/groups are color-coded based on current state
  • View resource usage of your cluster
    • resource information from individual pods and nodes is compiled into pie charts that show the health of the cluster
    • information can also be viewed for pods or groups of pods using tooltips
  • Directly connect to a node or container
    • a terminal prompt can be opened to automatically SSH into the node a pod lives on
    • additionally, you can connect directly into a container by launching a terminal with a kubectl exec session
  • Delete active pods
    • pods can quickly be killed through the GUI
  • View the current cluster
    • the cluster name is displayed at the top of the window, making switching between clusters less confusing


  • kubectl is required in order to get information about the cluster
    • By default, KubeMonitor will look for the command in ~/Documents/google-cloud-sdk/bin/, but the path can be changed in the app's settings
  • Applescript is required to launch a terminal session, but this should come installed by default
  • Connecting an SSH session to a node requires keys for authentication. If Google Cloud is being used, these keys should be found at ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine

Building Project

Because this project uses CocoaPods to manage third party code, you must run pod install inside the directory to download dependencies before the project will compile. After Cocoapods is initialized, the project should be opened through the generated KubeMonitor.xcworkspace file

Third Party Libraries

Contributing changes


This is not an official Google product

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