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DDI Schema Check

DDI Schema Check is a reporting tool that can check the internal structures and spelling of DDI Lifecycle Schema releases. Changes to the DDI Lifecycle can be tracked from 3.0-RC to 3.2 at


  • Validate schema set is DDI Lifecycle.
  • Check compilation of the schema as an XML Schema Set.
  • Versionables and Maintainables allowing inline or reference usage.
    • Versionables and Maintainables are in a xs:Choice.
    • Versionables and Maintainables in a xs:Choice contain two elements.
    • Versionables and Maintainables in a xs:Choice contain a xxxReference.
  • FragmentInstance contains all Versionables and Maintainables.
  • Type of Object for references
    • Duplicate Element names detected for referenceable types.
    • Element names detected without a TypeOfObject defined.
  • Spell checking
    • Element names
    • Attribute names
    • XSD annotations/documentation
    • Breaking apart CamelCasedWords
    • Allows words to be added to dictionary
    • Uses en-US
    • Highlighting of misspellings in generated reports.

Contributing Checks

If you would like to contribute a new check, create a new class with a method that takes an XmlSchemaSet and returns an html string. Please copy the format of current checks and Bootstrap 3.0 theme to be consistent.


This work is sponsored by Colectica, creators of DDI Lifecycle based software.



This code is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.