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This code provides web based Git Log statistics via ColdFusion. It will provide:

  • Author List from the Git repo.
  • Commit counts, by author. A date range is optional.
  • A range/author filtered listing of the git log. This can be provided in text or xml format.
  • Related file changes, by commit id.
  • Optional regex linking of commit msgs to issue tracking.


  • cfexecute enabled on the machine, please don't use this on a production server.
  • CF10-11
  • patience with my lazy/quick coding.


Refer to the application.cfc file, and configure the following for an init call:

  • application.gitPath = (reqd) set to the path of the Git executable on the machine running this code
  • application.gitRepo = (reqd) set to the path of the git repo on the machine that you want statistics from.
  • application.gitIssueRegex = (opt) set to a regex to replace in a commit message with a link to your issue tracker
  • application.issuePath = (opt) set a path for the regex var to use in setting a link off a commit message.