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DanctNIX Server/Channel Rules

Read Freenode Channel Guidelines first (we're bridged)! This doesn't limit to other platforms such as Discord or Matrix.

General channel rules:

Use the channels in a proper way

Unix, Unix-like discussions has their own channel (Matrix: #danctnix-nixtalk). If you don't know which your disscussion fits in, (Matrix: #danctnix-general) is for you.

If you're on other platform that's not Matrix, the channel list is at the end of the file.

Be nice to people

No one loves being hated, please think. This also includes bullying, elitism,...

No NSFW Content

Do NOT post any NSFW contents on this server, keep it safe for work as possible.

No distro/de/wm elitism

You should not shame at people for using a distro you do not prefer, this also includes windows managers, desktop environment.

Channel list:


Matrix: All channels can be found in


##danctnix-general - General talk in your life, world,..
##danctnix-nixtalk - UNIX,UNIX-like discussions.
##danctnix-nixhelp - Help & Support for UNIX, UNIX-like systems.
##danctnix-android - Talking about Android
#danctnix-porting - Porting GNU/Linux to embedded/mobile devices.
#danctnix-lowlevel - Lowlevel stuffs on embedded devices, such as bootloader hacking.

All Freenode on-topic channels has logbot enabled, you can view the log here:

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