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Note: this repository is not actively maintained. You can find a newer version of the adapter with Athena Engine 2 support, seeds and more in the following repository:


This plugin can be installed via pip:

$ pip install git+

Configuring your profile

A dbt profile can be configured to run against Athena using the following configuration:

Option Description Required? Example
s3_staging_dir The location where Athena stores meta info Required s3://bucket/staging
schema Specify the schema (athena database) to build models into Required dev
database Data catalog Required awsdatacatalog
region_name Specify in which AWS region it should connect Required eu-west-1
threads How many threads dbt should use Optional(default=1) 8
max_retry_number Number for retries for exponential backoff Optional(default=5) 8
max_retry_delay Maximum delay for exponential backoff in seconds Optional(default=100) 8

Example profiles.yml entry:

  target: athena
      type: athena
      database: awsdatacatalog
      schema: dev
      region_name: eu-west-1
      threads: 8
      s3_staging_dir: s3://athena-staging-bucket/

Usage Notes

Supported Functionality

Due to the nature of Athena, not all core dbt functionality is supported. The following features of dbt are not implemented on Athena:

  • Archival
  • Incremental models

If you are interested in helping to add support for this functionality in dbt on Athena, please open an issue!

Known issues:

  • Quoting is not supported

Reporting bugs and contributing code

  • Want to report a bug or request a feature? Let us know on Slack, or open an issue.

Running the tests

Unit tests

  1. Install tox:
pip install tox
  1. Run unit tests:
tox -e unit

Integration tests

At this time, an AWS account is not provided in order to run the tests in CI. We kindly ask contributors/reviewers to use their own AWS accounts in order to test contributions.

You can also reach out in the Slack #athena channel for someone to run the tests for you.


  1. Clone the dbt-integration-tests repository
git clone --branch athena-support
  1. Run the tests:

Additionally, you might need to set the AWS_PROFILE environment variable if you use another value than "default" (for example if you connect to multiple AWS accounts or assume different IAM roles)

AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-west-2 ATHENA_S3_STAGING_DIR=s3://dbt-athena-integration-tests/tests/ DBT_PROFILES_DIR=$(pwd)/test/integration/ tox -e integration-athena

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in the dbt project's codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the PyPA Code of Conduct.