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ABP Macedonian List.txt
Adblocking Open Filter JP
Ayucat Powerful List.txt
Czech Filters for Adblock Plus
Facebook Privacy List.txt
Liste DZ.txt
Snaevar87's Icelandic filter.txt
TamilFriends List.txt
gmbkslist (Hosts).txt

Dandelion Sprout's Ancient Library

Greetings, visitor. This is the place in which I store copies of some ancient (Last updated in ≤2014) lists for adblockers. For example, the lists can be from old Google Code repos, since Google reorganised Google Code back in 2014 to the point where many old adblock lists virtually disappeared overnight. Or the lists can be really old (From ≤2012) and still be online, but only supports HTTP connections, which is undesirable in certain settings.

To that effect, I welcome you to this library of such lists that were presumed to be lost or to be hosted on websites that couldn't care less. Don't worry, you don't need to worry about library cards or about overdue fees, this place is completely free to access. So feel free to walk along the aisles and check out everything you want to.

License note: The licences that are mentioned inside the lists, take priority over the repo's licence.

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