A tournament bot for running tournaments hosted on Challonge.
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challongebot - an IRC tournament bot for Challonge brackets


Note that depending on willie requires Python 2.7 or higher. pychallonge also requires dateutil be installed, as well.


challongebot is a willie module, so copy it to your willie module directory, which will typically be located in C:\Python27\Libs\site-packages\willie\modules on Windows, or /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/willie/ on Linux. See the willie documentation for more info on how to install modules like challongebot.

Be sure to modify the CHALLONGE_USERNAME, TOURNAMENT_NAME, and API_KEY variables in challongebot.py before installing it.

Running challongebot

  • Start up willie as per normal. See the willie documentation for more on this.
  • Type .setup to initialize challongebot.
  • Have all participants issue the .checkin command.
  • Use the .update command to have challongebot update the brackets.



Initializes challongebot. The command must be issued by the willie instance's owner to work.


Lists all matches which are waiting for results.


Updates the results of an individual match. MATCH_CODE is the name of the match on Challonge, and PLAYER1_SCORE and PLAYER2_SCORE represent the scores of the two players - challongebot automatically detects the match winner based on these scores.


Checks in to the current tournament. BRACKET_NAME is the name of the registrant's name on the Challonge bracket (which may differ from their Challonge username and GFWL_ID is the registrant's Games For Windows Live ID. If both BRACKET_NAME and GFWL_ID are not given, challongebot will attempt to use the credentials the IRC user who issued the command previously used, if they exist. Note if GFWL_ID is not given, it is assumed to be the nick of the IRC user who issued the command.


Displays a list of users who have not issued the .checkin command yet.