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Dangl IT GmbH

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DanglIT GmbH is a software solution provider with the focus on the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry as well as commercial wholesale customers.

Part of our extensive expertise centers around products for tendering and solutions for digital building models (BIM - Building Information Modelling).

Alongside premade, ready-to-use products such as software modules and cloud-based web services (SaaS - Software as a Service), we support our customers in challenging ventures regarding data interoperability and exchange scenarios. Web development, information security and cloud infrastructure are further columns for the success of our partners.

By using the latest tools and highly automated processes, we are able to work fast and in close coordination with our customers to provide reliable solutions for real problems.

We're very active in open source on GitHub and publish our projects on both NuGet and npm. Our tech blog keeps you updated with latest trends in software development and BIM.

Getting Started

Are you a customer of DanglIT GmbH? Head over to our getting started guide for a quick introduction about how to use our services.


  1. Dangl.AVA.Examples Dangl.AVA.Examples Public

    Forked from GeorgDangl/Dangl.AVA.Examples

    Demonstration of the Dangl.AVA and Dangl.GAEB libraries

    C# 1 1

  2. avacloud-demo-java avacloud-demo-java Public

    AVACloud demo in Java to read, write, convert and create GAEB files

    Java 1

  3. avacloud-demo-node avacloud-demo-node Public

    AVACloud demo in Node to read, write, convert and create GAEB files

    TypeScript 4 1

  4. avacloud-demo-javascript avacloud-demo-javascript Public

    AVACloud demo in Java to read, write, convert and create GAEB files

    HTML 1

  5. avacloud-demo-php avacloud-demo-php Public

    AVACloud demo in PHP to read, write, convert and create GAEB files

    PHP 2

  6. avacloud-demo-python avacloud-demo-python Public

    Python 1


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