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AVACloud is a web based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for GAEB files.
The GAEB standard is a widely used format to exchange tenderings, bills of quantities and contracts both in the construction industry and in regular commerce. AVACloud uses the GAEB & AVA .Net Libraries and makes them available to virtually all programming frameworks via a web service.

This project here contains example code in Python to read and convert GAEB files. The client code is generated from the AVACloud Swagger Specification.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Please find here a step-by-step tutorial how to use the Python client.


Ensure that the client dependency is installed:

pip install git+
pip install requests

Tip: When installing the avacloud-client-python dependency, you can optionally use a fixed version instead of the latest by appending @{version} at the end, e.g. pip install git+


Execute the following command in the root directory of the project:


At the top of the file, the following parameters must be defined by you:

client_id = 'use_your_own_value'
client_secret = 'use_your_own_value'

These are the credentials of your Dangl.Identity OAuth2 client that is configured to access AVACloud.
If you don't have values for ClientId and ClientSecret yet, you can check out the documentation for instructions on how to register for AVACloud and create an OAuth2 client.

This example app does three operations:

  1. The local GAEB file is transformed to Excel and saved next to the input file.
  2. The local GAEB file is converted to the unified Dangl.AVA format and printed to the console.
  3. A new GAEB file is created and saved in the project directory.


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