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Available on the Chrome Webstore

WASD to move, mouse buttons to split and shoot and more! Play with advanced controls!

Play like an MLG pro m8 and get to the top of the ranking.


Move - WASD

Split - O and left click

Shoot mass - P and right click

Enable / disable mouse - Space


  • When splitting or shooting using the O and P keys, it will aim to the direction your are moving.
  • When using the mouse buttons, it will aim to the cursor position.

Supports ANY agario client including:

  • Anyone, really! ;)



  • Changed layout to WASD
  • O and left click to split
  • P and right click to shoot mass
  • Space to enable / disable mouse control
  • Now supports ANY agario client


  • Removed easter egg
  • Click to enable mouse control, press an arrow key to disable again (suggested feature)


  • Added support for (it already had support for and


  • Fixed diagonal movement


  • Initial release!