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Pencil Material Design Template

A material design template for Pencil, the open source prototyping tool for Windows, Mac, Linux and Firefox (HTML export template)



  • Beautiful Material Design
  • Left and right buttons to navigate
  • Responsive
  • Click the prototype to see the hotspots
  • Three options: mobile, tablet and desktop (at the moment only mobile has been developed)
  • Mobile web support: allows you to open it on a mobile device in fullscreen, just like if you were using a real app.
  • Keyboard arrow keys support


  1. In Pencil, go to Tools > Manage Export Template...
  2. Click Install New Template...
  3. Select the template zip and click Open

Make awesome Material Design prototypes

Use these collections from Nathaniel Watson:


Example Click areas


  • Add tablet and desktop editions
  • Add custom size edition
  • Solve a few bugs
  • Use Polymer paper elements
  • Web component version
  • Support for experience customization based on values indicated on each page notes
  • Support global template UI customization