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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // Allows you to use UI Classes
public class D_DistanceDrivenParameters_Wwise : MonoBehaviour {
//Some audio engines allows you to define Parameters that will be driven by Distance.
//In Wwise it is defined inside the sound it self in the Positioning tab -> 3D. Assgin an Attenuation and click on edit.
uint bankID; // an Uint (double positive integer) to save to Sound bank ID to
public GameObject soundSourceObj; // A reference to the soundsource's GameObject to get the distance
float distanceToSource; // flaot to save the distance between the audio source and the player
public Text displayDistance; // Referance to a Text UI on screen to display the distance
public Text displayLowPass; // Referance to a Text UI on screen to display the LowPass Filter
// Use this for initialization
void Start ()
AkSoundEngine.LoadBank ("ExampleBank", AkSoundEngine.AK_DEFAULT_POOL_ID, out bankID); //Load the sound bank, need to happened only once in a scene no reason to add this on every single script
//Side note - my recommendation is to create your own handler Class and that will handle all Play and Stop SFX functions.
//For more information watch
AkSoundEngine.PostEvent ("Play_Tetris_Remix",soundSourceObj); //Play an event from the Wwise engine from the soundSourceObj Game Object
//On Tetris_Remix sound in Wwise the Max distance is set to 30. Which is the size of the platform in the scene
// Update is called once per frame
void Update ()
distanceToSource = Vector3.Distance (soundSourceObj.transform.position, gameObject.transform.position); // Calculating the distance to between the player and the soundsource and assigning it to a variable
displayDistance.text = ("Distance To Source: " + distanceToSource.ToString("##.##")); // Display Distance
// The Distance is Calculated inside the Wwise engine. It is between the GameObject sound sound and the Gameobject that has the AkListener attached to.
// In this case it is The main camera and soundSourceObj. Any Game Parameter can be set to work with distance. Create a new Parameter and click on Blind to Built-In Parameters. // Thanks @AKMikeD
void OnDestroy()
AkSoundEngine.StopAll(); // Stops all events that are playing.
// When the player crosses to the other side of the Sound source
// The Angle is actually calulated in Wwise. But we are not using the Build-In Parameters for this one.
// We are useing the one in the positioning tab -> Attenuation -> Custom -> Edit -> Cone Attentuation.
// The Trigger are here only for display
void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)
if( == "BackSide")
displayLowPass.text = ("LowPass: On");
void OnTriggerExit(Collider col)
if( == "BackSide")
displayLowPass.text = ("LowPass: Off");