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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // Allows you to use UI Classes
public class Music_DynamicIntensity_FMOD : MonoBehaviour
FMOD.Studio.EventInstance musicEvent; // we need to use an have a reference to an instance of an Object if we want to access it Parameters
FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance musicIntensity; // for more information Watch
float valueToSet = 0; // this float will determine the value that we need to set our parameter to
float IntensityValue = 0; // float to save the parameter Value
float tState; //this a part of the Mathf.Lerp function, by incrementing this value we lerp between the values of the music parameter.
public float fadespeed = 0.01f; // the speed that the parameter is changing
public Text displayIntensity; // displays the intensity on screen
public Text displayParameter; // displays the parameter's value on screen
// Use this for initialization
void Start ()
musicEvent = FMOD_StudioSystem.instance.GetEvent ("event:/MusicIntensity"); // get an instance of the event
musicEvent.getParameter ("Intensity", out musicIntensity); // Use the instance of the event to access the Intensity parameter on that event
musicIntensity.setValue (0); // set the initial music Intensity to 0
displayParameter.text = ("Parameter Value: 0 "); // initially show 0 in the parameter text on screen
musicEvent.start (); // Start the music event
// Update is called once per frame
void Update ()
if(IntensityValue > valueToSet+0.01 || IntensityValue < valueToSet-0.01 ) // Check if current parameter value matches the music state
tState += Time.deltaTime*fadespeed; // Increment the tStante to advance the Mathf.Lerp fucntion State's value is beteen 0-1
IntensityValue = Mathf.Lerp(IntensityValue,valueToSet,tState); // MathF.Lerp interpellates betweeen 2 values. To learn more about Mathf.Lerp go here -
musicIntensity.setValue (IntensityValue); // set the intensity of the music
displayParameter.text = ("Parameter Value: " + IntensityValue.ToString("#.##")); // Display the current intensity
void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col) // when entering a new music intensity room
switch (col.gameObject.tag) // Switch statement to check which room we entered
case "MusicRoom1":
SetIntensity(0); // Calling the Set Intensity function
case "MusicRoom2":
case "MusicRoom3":
case "MusicRoom4":
void SetIntensity(int intensityLevel)
valueToSet = intensityLevel; // Set the Value to the current music intensity state
tState = 0; //Reset tState for Mathf.Lerp
displayIntensity.text = ("Music Intensity: " + (intensityLevel+1).ToString()); // Display the current intensity *adding one for better display (1-4) instead of (0-3)
void OnDestroy()
musicEvent.stop(FMOD.Studio.STOP_MODE.IMMEDIATE);// Stops the music event