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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // Allows you to use UI Classes
public class Music_DynamicIntensity_Wwise : MonoBehaviour
uint bankID; // an Uint (double positive integer) to save to Sound bank ID
public Text displayIntensity; // displays the intensity on screen
public Text displayParameter; // displays the parameter's value on screen
// Use this for initialization
void Start ()
AkSoundEngine.LoadBank ("ExampleBank", AkSoundEngine.AK_DEFAULT_POOL_ID, out bankID); //Load the sound bank, need to happened only once in a scene no reason to add this on every single script
//Side note - my recommendation is to create your own handler Class and that will handle all Play and Stop SFX functions.
//For more information watch
AkSoundEngine.PostEvent ("Play_MusicDynamicIntensity",gameObject); //Play an event from the Wwise engine. The game object doesn't really matter because Music is useally a 2D sound.
displayParameter.text = ("Parameter Value: Fades are in Engine "); // initially show 0 in the parameter text on screen
AkSoundEngine.SetState("DynamicMusicIntensity","Int1"); //Sets initial value to the State container.
// t sometimes you may forget to set the initial Value fo the State, so consider this as a reminder
void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col) // when entering a new music intensity room
switch (col.gameObject.tag) // Switch statement to check which room we entered
case "MusicRoom1":
displayIntensity.text = "Music Intensity: 1"; // Display the current intensity
AkSoundEngine.SetState("DynamicMusicIntensity","Int1"); // Setting the Intensity State.
case "MusicRoom2":
displayIntensity.text = "Music Intensity: 2";
case "MusicRoom3":
displayIntensity.text = "Music Intensity: 3";
case "MusicRoom4":
displayIntensity.text = "Music Intensity: 4";
AkSoundEngine.PostTrigger("Music_Intensity_Fill",gameObject); // Calling a Trigger to activate a Stringer on the event, (We are doing this same thing in FMOD just in Engine)
void OnDestroy()
AkSoundEngine.StopAll(); // Stops all events that are playing.