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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // This library allows us to use the UI Classes in unity, we need itdisplay the pitch on the screen.
public class SFXPitchModulation_Native : MonoBehaviour
public AudioClip shardSound; //An public Audioclip (we will need to assign the sound manually)
AudioSource myAudioSource; // A reference to the game object's audio source
PlayerMovement playerScript; // A reference to the movement script
public Text displayPitch; // Text that will display the pitch
public float minPitch = 0; // A float that will determine the minimum pitch value (the lowest value is 0)
public float maxPitch = 3; // A float that will determine the maximum pitch value (the highest value is 3)
// Important Note.
// In unity 5's new audio system the pitch can go to blow 0 to the lowest of -3. This will not play audio,
// but if audio is playing in and pitch goes blow 0 then it will cause the audio to play backwards. Super interesting, go ahead download the project and try for yourself.
// Use this for initialization
void Start ()
myAudioSource = gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource> (); //getting the script reference
playerScript = gameObject.GetComponent<PlayerMovement> (); //getting the script reference
playerScript.PlayerMoved += PlaySFX; //Assigning the PlayerMoved event to PlaySFX() Funciton. So every time PlayerMoved event is fired PlaySFX() Function is fired too
void PlaySFX()
if ( shardSound != null)
//Unchanged pitch is 1
float randomPitch = Random.Range(minPitch,maxPitch); //Choose a random number between the min pitch value and the max pitch value
myAudioSource.pitch = randomPitch; //assign the random pitch value to the pitch variable inside our Audio Source
displayPitch.text = ("Pitch Value :" + randomPitch.ToString()); // Display the current pitch on the screen
myAudioSource.PlayOneShot(shardSound); //Play that sound as a oneshot from the audio sources
void OnDestroy()
playerScript.PlayerMoved -= PlaySFX; //Unassign the event