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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // This library allows us to use the UI Classes in unity, we need itdisplay the pitch on the screen.
public class SFXPitchModulation_Wwise : MonoBehaviour
uint bankID;
PlayerMovement playerScript; // A reference to the movement script
public Text displayPitch; // Text that will display the pitch
float pitchValue = 0; // We will assign this value to the pitch before we play the event
// Side Note:
// I know that to make pitch modulation in Wwise all it takes is to tick the pitch modulation option on a sound.
// I am doing this though a RTPC so I can display the Pitch in game.
// Use this for initialization
void Start ()
playerScript = gameObject.GetComponent<PlayerMovement> (); //getting the script reference
playerScript.PlayerMoved += PlaySFX; //Assigning the PlayerMoved event to PlaySFX() Funciton. So every time PlayerMoved event is fired PlaySFX() Function is fired too
AkSoundEngine.LoadBank ("ExampleBank", AkSoundEngine.AK_DEFAULT_POOL_ID, out bankID); //Load the sound bank, need to happened only once in a scene no reason to add this on every single script
//Side note - my recommendation is to create your own handler Class and that will handle all Play and Stop SFX functions.
//For more information watch
void PlaySFX()
//Unchanged pitch is 0
pitchValue = Random.Range(-5000, 5000); // the pitch modulation is Wwise runs between -48000 and 48000
//I noticed that in those ranges on the high ends it plays the same sounds. Roughly (-48000 - -5000) and (5000 - 48000) sounds the same.
AkSoundEngine.SetRTPCValue("SFX_PitchMod",pitchValue); // I set the value of the RTPC to match the value of our float.
displayPitch.text = ("Pitch Value :" + pitchValue.ToString()); // Display the current pitch on the screen
AkSoundEngine.PostEvent ("Play_Spike_Explode1",gameObject); //Play an event from the Wwise engine
void OnDestroy()
playerScript.PlayerMoved -= PlaySFX; //Unassign the event