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SOSTC3 - StackOverflow's Statistics To C3 Library

How to run

Firstly, we need raw data from the Spark data mining script. Given the next folder structure, the data should be inside data_mining folder. The other 3 folders should be empty:

├── data_mining       # Raw data from Spark
├── data_coefficient  # Calculated coefficients
├── data_prediction   # Calculated coefficients + prediction
└── data_chart        # Data for charts (grouped coefficients)

1. Generate coefficients

Then we need to run script, to get the total coefficient values for each year-month timeseries from each language and technology, putting the result in the data_coefficient folder:

$ data_mining data_coefficient

Here we can generate the final chart files if we only want real data and we don't want to include some month predictions.

If we only want real data, jump to 4. Generate chart data without predictions.

2. Generate predictions

To predict the next months data we only need to call the script, with the input and output dirs and, optionally, the number of months to predict (default: 3).

$ data_coefficient data_prediction 3

Here we got the same coefficients we generated in the 1. Generate coefficients step plus the given number of months of coefficient prediction. At this point we can generate the final data for the chart.

3. Generate chart data with predictions

Giving data_prediction folder as input dir we ensure we take the prediction coefficients along with real data to generate the final charts:

$ data_prediction data_chart

WARNING: Don't go further, we'd already finished!!! The 4. Generate chart data without predictions step is only to generate chart dat WITHOUT predictions.

4. Generate chart data without predictions

This step is only necessary if we didn't want to predict data (we should have jumped the 2. Generate predictions and 3. Generate chart data with predictions steps)

$ data_coefficient data_chart