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moment-feiertage is a Moment.js plugin to determine if a date is a german holiday. Holidays are taken from Wikipedia (de). Feel free to contribute!

How to use?

  1. Add moment-feiertage to your package.json by running npm install moment-feiertage --save. Moment.js is a peer dependency, so don't forget to install it, if you haven't already.
  2. Import moment from moment-feiertage like you would from the original Moment.js package. moment-feiertage exports the original moment object with extended functionality.
// Typescript
import * as moment from 'moment-feiertage';

// node
const moment = require('moment-feiertage');
  1. Check the examples below for functionality, supported arguments and return values.


since 2.0.0

const codes = moment.getAllStateCodes();
/* returns ['BW','BY','BE','BB','HB','HH','HE','MV','NI','NW','RP','SL','SN','ST','SH','TH']*/

getHolidaysByYear(year: number)

since 2.0.0

Returns an object containing all holidays of a year. Every holiday has a date and a state property. date is holding a moment object representing the holidays date. It's a nationwide holiday, if the state value is an empty Array.

const codes = moment.getHolidaysByYear(2020);
/* returns {
  'Neujahrstag': {
    date: moment('2020-01-01'),
    state: [] // nationwide holiday
  'Heilige Drei Könige': {
    date: moment('2020-01-06')
    state: ['BW', 'BY', 'ST'] // only these states celebrate
  [ ... ]
} */

isHoliday(states: Array)

since 1.1.0

From version 1.1.0 on isHoliday() supports Arrays. Pass an empty Array to test against all states, or pass an Array of state codes (e.g. ['BY', 'SH']). The return value is an Object:

  allStates: boolean, // default false
  holidayName: string, // default: ''
  holidayStates: Array<string>, // default: []
  testedStates: Array<string> // default: ...allStates
  • allStates is true, if the checked date is a nationwide holiday, even if not all states are checked because of the states param.
  • holidayName contains the name of the holiday
  • holidayStates contains the states, where this holiday is celebrated. If states param is provided, holidayStates contains only a subset of states
  • testedStates is the same as the states param. If states param is [], isHoliday will check against all states by default
const christmasInAllStates = moment('2018-11-01').isHoliday([]);
/* returns {
  allStates: true,
  holidayName: '1. Weihnachtsfeiertag',
  holidayStates: ...allStates,
  testedStates: ...allStates
const christmasInSomeStates = moment('2018-11-01').isHoliday(['BW', 'SH']);
/* returns {
  allStates: true,
  holidayName: '1. Weihnachtsfeiertag',
  holidayStates: [ 'BW', 'SH' ],
  testedStates: [ 'BW', 'SH' ]
const someDateInAllStates = moment('2018-11-01').isHoliday([]);
/* returns {
  allStates: false,
  holidayName: 'Allerheiligen',
  holidayStates: [ 'BW', 'BY', 'NW', 'RP', 'SL' ],
  testedStates: ...allStates
const noHolidayDateInAllStates = moment('2018-12-12').isHoliday([]);
/* returns {
  allStates: false,
  holidayName: '',
  holidayStates: [],
  testedStates: ...allStates

isHoliday(state?: string)

since 1.0.0

Since version 1.0.0 isHoliday() checks if there's a holiday at a moment object. A state code can be provided optionally.

const nowIsHoliday = moment().isHoliday();
// returns name of holiday (string) if date is a holiday
// retruns false (boolean) if date is not a holiday

const someDateIsHoliday = moment('2019-12-25').isHoliday();
// returns '1. Weihnachtsfeiertag' - is a holiday in all states

const isHolidayInAllStates = moment('2017-08-15').isHoliday();
// returns false - is not a holiday in all states

const isHolidayInBavaria = moment('2017-08-15').isHoliday('BY');
// returns false - is not a holiday in BY

const isHolidayInSaarland = moment('2017-08-15').isHoliday('SL');
// returns 'Mariä Himmelfahrt' - is a holiday in SL

State codes

BW = Baden-Württemberg
BY = Bayern
BE = Berlin
BB = Brandenburg
HB = Bremen
HH = Hamburg
HE = Hessen
MV = Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
NI = Niedersachsen
NW = Nordrhein-Westfalen
RP = Rheinland-Pfalz
SL = Saarland
SN = Sachsen
ST = Sachsen-Anhalt
SH = Schleswig-Holstein
TH = Thüringen



  1. fork
  2. npm install and add your desired version of Moment.js: npm install moment --no-save
  3. code
  4. npm run build: linting, formating, building, testing
  5. PR