Sentiment analysis app that runs on web using TensorFlowJS and React and on IOS using CoreML and React Native
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To train and export models

  1. clone this repository and cd into it
  2. pip install virtualenv
  3. virtualenv ENV
  4. source ENV/bin/activate
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. run jupyter notebook in this directory and open model_train.ipynb
  • If you are training the model:

    • GloVe embeddings are needed and the download link is provided in the Notebook. Unzip the embeddings in embeddings/
    • Download the Yelp Dataset (JSON) from the link provided in the Notebook and place review.json in data/
  • All the trained models and outputs can be found in output/

To run the Web Application see web/

To run the IOS Application see mobile/

PS. I didn't bother with the Android App after getting IOS and Web working, but if anyone sends a PR I'd be glad to merge.