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React Redux Workshop

Hello and welcome! This code was created as additional material for the lecture that is part of FEREdu talks. The goal of the workshop is to give you a short introduction into the world of React and Redux web applications. Lessons one through ten are miniature exercises to help you get started with these libraries. Each lesson has it's own folder with files and is supplied with a README file to provide you with more info.


First, you'll need to clone the repository:

git clone

To start the app you'll need to run this in your terminal:

npm run dev

In addition, all the solutions should be in the solution branch. If you wish, you can fork the master and then work on it. That way your solutions will be available to me and I can check them later 😄.

Additional materials

If you need some help with JavaScript, this is a good place for a brief (re)introduction: link.

The materials provided here were created based on information gathered from numerous sources, some of them mentioned in the other README files. If you wish to broaden your knowledge after finishing the exercises here are some links:

Fun geeky stuff (you don't really need to look at this, but I find it amusing):

If you feel there's something missing feel free to raise an issue.