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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Text.LaTeX
import Text.LaTeX.Packages.Beamer
import Text.LaTeX.Packages.Inputenc
main :: IO ()
main = execLaTeXT beamerExample >>= renderFile "beamer.tex"
beamerExample :: Monad m => LaTeXT_ m
beamerExample = thePreamble >> document theBody
thePreamble :: Monad m => LaTeXT_ m
thePreamble = do
-- To start using beamer, set the document class to be 'beamer'.
documentclass [] beamer
usepackage [utf8] inputenc
author "Daniel Díaz"
title "Beamer example using HaTeX"
-- Use a theme to improve the aspect of your slides.
usetheme CambridgeUS
theBody :: Monad m => LaTeXT_ m
theBody = do
-- Each slide is a call to the function 'frame' with the content of the slide.
frame maketitle
frame $ do
frametitle "Example with block"
"Here comes "
alert [FromSlide 2] "the block!"
uncover [FromSlide 5] " Ha! I was hiding here!"
block "The block" $ do
"The content of the block appears after a pause."
uncover [FromSlide 6] $ center "And that's it!"