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This file helps to collect information about ways in which research funding could be made more open.


The scope here, for the time being, is any aspect of the funding process, starting from the first inception of an idea, includes the grant drafting, submission and reviewing procedures as well as announcements about awards, calls or any communications about the progress of funded projects or their assessment, as well as long-term archival and citations or other forms of reuse of the research outputs produced from some specific line of funding.

General outlines of ideas in this regard are available through

Some platforms that already open up some aspects of the funding process are described in the following posts:

The educational value of open grant proposals is highlighted in

Public list of research ideas or proposals

Relevant funding policies

Relevant funding schemes

  • This listing is not meant to be complete, but suggestions for additions are most welcome.



Data about research funding

Calls for transformative research

Potential issues with open review

See also