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An independent project supplementing the Youtube Read The TRC Report project.

Read The TRC Report is a project created and curated by Erica Violet Lee, Zoe Todd, and Joseph Paul Murdoch Flowers with the intent of furthering the conversation regarding reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canadians within Canada. As an installation, their project has crowdsourced the narration of the Canadian Truth and Reconcilation Commission Executive Summary---a summary of the much more comprehensive Final Report released December 15th, 2015. They have posted their project in video format on Youtube.

As a independent---but otherwise supplementary---project, to extend upon their intentions of accessibility I have here taken those videos and have made their digital formatting more accessible as downloadable video and audio:

The explanations of how these files are more accessible is given in the folder subsections.

As it is in no way my intention to take any focus away from their project, I would like to express my gratitude toward Zoe Todd, Erica Violet Lee, and Joseph Paul Murdoch Flowers for their call to action. I am lucky and grateful to serve and to be able to serve.

Since I am expressing gratitude, I would also like to say I am grateful for those who took the time and effort to make the recordings in the first place. If you're reading this, you have created medicine for us all to take on this journey forward in reconcilation.

With that said, none of this could have happened without the Commissioners of the Truth and Reconcilation Commission itself. You have been thanked many times over the past six years I'm sure, but once more won't hurt: Thank you for all your hard work.

I would also like to express deep humility and respect for the Survivors of the Canadian Residential School System. We do this for you.


Daniel Nikpayuk


An independent multimedia project supplementing the Youtube Read The TRC Report project.



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