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100644 11 lines (11 sloc) 124 Bytes
24c69b8 @half-ogre first commit after initial spike; still very much a work-in-progress,…
half-ogre authored
1 bin
2 obj
3 *.user
4 *.suo
724854d @half-ogre added a build solution script to make it easy to build, run facts, an…
half-ogre authored
5 App_Data
ea893f4 @davidebbo Add package restore workflow to avoid committing them
davidebbo authored
6 *.results.xml
0ad6426 @half-ogre added support for deploying to Azure (fixes #25)
half-ogre authored
7 /packages
8 _AzurePackage
d23d866 Ignore docstates file
jeffhandley authored
9 *.bak
e70075c @jeffhandley Ignore ReSharper Files.
jeffhandley authored
10 NuGetGallery.sln.docstates
11 _ReSharper.NuGetGallery
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