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Escape forward slashes

In Solr 4.0, you can use regular expressions in queries by delimiting them using slashes. This means that any parameters that contain a forward slash need to be surrounded in quotes (or escaped).

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commit cf8e4d21823f75a7b49c26dde5a19a694c800a92 1 parent f7a7820
@Daniel15 authored
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4 core/Parameter.js
@@ -170,9 +170,9 @@ AjaxSolr.Parameter = AjaxSolr.Class.extend(
* @returns {String} The escaped value.
AjaxSolr.Parameter.escapeValue = function (value) {
- // If the field value has a space or a colon in it, wrap it in quotes,
+ // If the field value has a space, colon or forward slash in it, wrap it in quotes,
// unless it is a range query or it is already wrapped in quotes.
- if (value.match(/[ :]/) && !value.match(/[\[\{]\S+ TO \S+[\]\}]/) && !value.match(/^["\(].*["\)]$/)) {
+ if (value.match(/[ :\/]/) && !value.match(/[\[\{]\S+ TO \S+[\]\}]/) && !value.match(/^["\(].*["\)]$/)) {
return '"' + value + '"';
return value;

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