A module to allow social logins using multiple driver-based providers.
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Use the Auth, OAuth and OAuth2 packages to authenticate users with an array of third-party services in a totally integrated and abstracted fashion.

Implementation requires only one controller and one database table (two if you count users).

NinjAuth comes from the company behind the project: HappyNinjas.

Supported Strategies

  • OAuth
  • OAuth2
  • OpenID (by krtek4)


  • XAuth - anyone?
  • More flexible registration (view files as properties, or config options)


# Create users if this table does not exist already
$ oil g migration create_users username:varchar[50] password:string group:int email:string last_login:integer login_hash:string profile_fields:text
$ oil refine migrate

# Run migrations in the package to create "authentications" table
$ oil refine migrate --packages=ninjauth


Just the usual submodule update, and when you're done run:

$ oil refine migrate --packages=ninjauth

Usage Example



class Controller_Auth extends \NinjAuth\Controller {}


'somewhere' => array(
	'id' => '9cd980e0d883ERG42974b6cd78175135',
	'secret' => '19d874DW43534SDFfce025d9bba4423452',
	// Specify a specific callback
	'callback' => 'http://example.com/foo/bar',

'google' => array(
	'key' => 'yourkey',
	'secret' => 'yoursecret',
	// Provide a string or array for the API scope
	'scope' => array('https://www.google.com/analytics/feeds', 'https://www.google.com/m8/feeds'),
	// Google supports OAuth and OAuth2. Pick a specific
	'strategy' => 'OAuth',