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@@ -134,15 +134,15 @@ To ajaxify your entire website with the HTML5 History API, History.js and jQuery
> Note: If you want to only support HTML5 Browsers and not HTML4 Browsers (so no hash fallback support) then just change the `/html4+html5/` part in the urls to just `/html5/`. [Why supporting HTML4 browsers could be either good or bad based on my app's use cases](
-## Subscribe to Updates
+## Get Updates
- For Commit RSS/Atom Updates:
- You can subscribe via the [GitHub Commit Atom Feed](
- For GitHub News Feed Updates:
- You can click the "watch" button up the top right of History.js's [GitHub Project Page](
-## Support
+## Get Support
- History.js is maintained by people like you. If you find a bug, report it to the [GitHub Issue Tracker]( If you've fixed a bug submit a [Pull Request]( and add your fork to the [Network Wiki Page](

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