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Daniel95 Final Master Push! updated outdated readme file.
I reverted this branch to the latest push before the deadline so you can
see exactly see what we had accomplished on the "release date". We will
continue to update our game on the sprint 4 branch.
We had the game in a fully functional and shippable state before the
deadline, so we thought it would be important to show that. Although
ofcourse a game is never fully done and can always be tweaked, added
upon. which is exactly what we are going to do on the sprint 4 branch!
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This is a school project. We have acces to 4 programmers and 6 artists. We are making a 2D endless runner game for Android, based on the myth of the Rainbow Serpent. Development tools: Unity with C#. Trello/Scrumboard: Google Play link:

Most Important Scripts:

-//- Daniel:

Chunk Editor:

Trail Movement:

Trail Colors:

Highscore Scoreboard:

Player Movement:

-//- Sebastiaan:

Generator Script: (Sebastiaan & Daniel)

Shield Powerup:

-//- Nathan:

Aiming Enemy:


Fade Effect:

-//- River:

Trail Colors Old

Trail Spawning Old

Player Movement Old

-//- Everyone: