MyArcadePlugin is a WordPress Arcade Plugin. This is the Lite/Free version.
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=== MyArcadePlugin Lite ===
Tags: WP Arcade, WPArcade, Flash Games, Unity3D, Unity, HTML5, Autoblog, Auto post, Arcade Script, Arcade Plugin, Game Script
Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 4.9
Stable tag: 5.5.2
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing WP Arcade Site with over 70.000 free games.

== Description ==

MyArcadePlugin is a powerful WordPress Arcade Plugin which is able to transform a WordPress Blog into an Online Games Portal or just to enhance your existing Blog with an Arcade section. MyArcadePlugin brings you all the features an Arcade Script needs. This Arcade Plugin will embed games automatically, without theme editing! In addition, it is able to generate unique game descriptions!

Add thousands of free flash games provided by several game distributors with just two clicks:

1. Fetch Games
2. Publish Games


= Do you want a free WP Arcade Theme? =
Here are some WP Arcade Themes that you can use to start right now to build your WordPress Arcade Portal:

* <a href='' title='BuddyPress Arcade Theme'>BuddyPress Arcade Theme</a>
* <a href='' title='WP Arcade Theme - GallerGane'>WP Arcade Theme - GalleryGames</a>
* <a href='' title='WP Arcade Theme - Triqui'>WP Arcade Theme - Triqui</a>

FunGames Theme in Action


= MyArcadePlugin Lite Features =
* Fetch Games from Famobi
* Fetch Games from GamePix
* Fetch Games from MyArcadeFeed
* Fetch Games from Softgames
* Import Flash Games (SWF)
* Import Iframe Games
* Import Embed Code Games
* Play Flash Games
* Play HTML5 Games
* Play Unity3D Games
* Play Iframe / Embed Games
* Option to download game files to your server
* Detect Game Dimensions Automatically (SWF)
* Publish games immediately or time shifted
* Game Management (search, publish, delete)
* Post templates with several placeholders to generate unique game descriptions
* Option to reset the games database
* Works with every WordPress Theme
* Works with all Premium <a href='' title='WP Arcade Themes'>WP Arcade Themes</a>

= MyArcadePlugin Pro Features =
MyArcadePlugin Lite is a fully functional but limited version of <a href='' title='WordPress Arcade Plugin'>MyArcadePlugin Pro</a>. Here are some of the features you will get with the premium version:

* Fetch Games from Arcade Game Feed
* Fetch Games from Famobi
* Fetch Games from FreeOnlineGames
* Fetch Games from GameDistribution
* Fetch Games from GamePix
* Fetch Games from HTML Games
* Fetch Games from Kongregate
* Fetch Games from MyArcadeFeed
* Fetch Games from PlayToMax
* Fetch Games from Plinga
* Fetch Games from Scirra
* Fetch Games from Softgames
* Import Flash Games (SWF)
* Import HTML5 Games
* Import Shockwave Games (DCR)
* Import IBPArcade Games (TAR Archives)
* Import PHPBB Games (ZIP Archives)
* Import ZIP Games
* Import Unity 3D Games
* Import Mochi ZIP Files (Mochi Legacy Import)
* Import Embed Codes Games
* Import Iframe Games
* Import Games Uploaded via FTP
* Detect Game Dimensions Automatically (SWF, IBPArcade)
* Grab Game Files From URL
* Edit Games Before Publishing
* Save IBPArcade Scores
* Save PHPBB Scores
* Leaderboards
* Save Highest Score Only
* Category Mapping
* Allow Users To Import Games
* Microsoft Translation API (36 Languages)
* Google Tranlator v2 API (64 Languages)
* Yandex Translator API (25 Languages)
* MyCRED integration
* BuddyPress integration
* CubePoints integration
* WordPress Achievements integration
* WordPress Multi Site Support (WPMU)
* and a lot of more..

With MyArcadePlugin you can automatically fetch games from 16 game distributors: 2PG, Arcade Game Feed, CoolGames, Famobi, FreeGamesForYourWebsite (FOG), GameDistribution, GameFeed by TalkArcades, GamePix, HTML5 Games, Kongregate, MyArcadeFeed, PlayToMax, Plinga, Scirra and Spil Games.

Additionally you can import 10 game types manually: SWF Games, DCR Games, IBPArcade (IBProArcade), PHPBB Games, ZIP Games, Mochi ZIP Files, Unity 3D Games, HTML5, Embed Codes and Iframe Codes.

There are a lot of games available that you can add to your site instantly!

<a href='' title='WordPress Arcade Plugin'>Upgrade to the full version now »</a>

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Will MyArcadePlugin work with a 'standard' WordPress theme? =
Yes, the plugin doesn't require any theme changes when you use a standard coded theme.

= Can I use MyArcadePlugin on an existing WordPress blog? =
Yes, you can. We have created a theme integration Plugin that will integrate MyArcadePlugin with ease to every existing WordPress blog. Check the features on our site: <a href="" title="MyArcadePlugin Theme Integration" target="_blank">MyArcadePlugin Theme Integration</a>

= Where can I buy Arcade Themes for MyArcadePlugin? =
Check our <a href='' title="WPArcade Themes">WP Arcade Theme Directory</a>

= Is MyArcadePlugin Lite compatible with MyArcadePlugin Pro? =
Yes, you can upgrade to the PRO version without any modifications!
<a href='' title='WordPress Arcade Plugin'>** Upgrade to the full version now » **</a>

= How to Upgrade from Lite to Pro? =
Deactivate MyArcadePlugin Lite and delete the Plugin. Upload MyArcadePugin Pro and activate it.