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ghc-mod: Happy Haskell Hacking

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Please note that using ghc-mod as a user facing tool for IDE/Editor integration is no longer supported or maintained. We are in the process of refocusing our efforts around haskell-ide-engine as the main user/IDE facing program.

Currently haskell-ide-engine still uses ghc-mod as a library for GHC session setup, so this part will still be maintained. However moving forward we're hoping to move most of the functionality which remains in ghc-mod (the library) into GHC upstream rendering ghc-mod unceccesary. Meanwhile ghc-mod (the library) will remain.

If someone feels like taking over maintainership of ghc-mod as a standalone development tool feel free to contact the maintainer. However I must warn you: a mountain of legacy baggage and scattered Editor/IDE plugins awaits. Your time is probably better spent improving haskell-ide-engine.

For more information on what ghc-mod used to be have a look at the old README.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs on the GitHub issue tracker for ghc-mod:

Including general environment information like the operating system (distribution, version) you're using and the output of $ ghc-mod debug run in your project directory is probably a good idea.


If you have any problems, suggestions, comments swing by #ghc-mod (web client) on Freenode. If you're reporting a bug please also create an issue here (GitHub issue tracker) so we have a way to contact you if you don't have time to stay.

Do hang around for a while if no one answers, and repeat your question if you still haven't gotten any answer after a day or so (the maintainer was probably asleep). You're most likely to get an answer during the day in GMT+1.


Happy Haskell Hacking for editors. DEPRECATED



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