A little tool for finding proper links to legendary Items in the Diablo-3 Game Guide
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    Diablo 3: Game Guide Tools
    Copyright (C) 2017-2018, Daniel Gaussmann


    Some tools dealing with the Diablo 3 Game Guide and links to legendary items.

    - Scan the game guide to collect all item links, and search for a specific link 
      by item name
    - Replace the "old" item links with the current ones in your guides on the
      Diablo 3 Forums.
    - Create some part of a JS code needed for a userscript to fix the old links
      in other players guides in your browser. 
      * I used this to create this script:

    - Note: This program will try to create two files in your Diablo III settings 
            directory (usually "my documents\Diablo III") to save settings and the
            item link information.

            If you select the option "Download item graphics" a directory "ItemPics"
            will be created in your Diablo III settings directory as well.