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%h3 Melbourne Ruby
%h4 When
%p Melbourne Ruby meetings happen on the last Thursday of every month (with the exception of December which has a social event sometime in the middle of the month).
%p Our next meeting is <b>Thursday 30th August 2012</b>.
%h4 Where
<a href="">Inspire9</a><br>
Level 1, 41-43 Stewart St<br>
6:00pm for a 6:30pm start!
%h4 Organisers
%p Justin French (<a href="">@justinfrench</a>).
%h4 Format
%li News &amp; events
%li Who's hiring, who's available
%li Lightning talks, tutorials and presentations on Ruby and related topics
%li Dinner and drinks at the Corner Hotel
%h4 Get Involved
%p Chatter about upcoming meetings takes place on the <a href="!forum/rails-oceania">Ruby or Rails Oceania</a> Google Group.
%p Presenters, organisers and sponsors are always welcome.
%h4 Archived Meeting Notes
%li <a href="/meetups/mel/april-2012.html">April 2012</a>
%li <a href="/meetups/mel/may-2012.html">May 2012</a>
%p Previous meeting notes from the last several years are not recorded here, sadly. You may find them out in the internet if you're particularly keen.
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